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Class Offerings

All Classes Are Customized!

Family Cooking

Ages 2-5. Parent/Caregiver must be present and an active participant. Explore the world of food and cooking with your toddler. All classes include a read-aloud, movement activity, nutrition education, art or science activity and hands-on cooking. 1 Hour

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Early exposure to new foods and cooking lay the foundation for healthy habits. Kids mix, mash, knead, touch  and eat their way through our preschool classes. In addition to preparing 1-2 small plates, classes include a read aloud and  movement activity.  Topics: Hand washing and germs, our bodies, fun at the grocery store, MyPlate, healthy snacking, introductory cooking skills, and holiday and seasonal themes

Merit Badges
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Looking to earn cooking and physical fitness badges for your troop? All classes are customized to meet the troop's educational needs. Badges may include:

Girl Scout Badges: My Best Self, Snacks. Staying Fit, Eating For You, Dinner Party

Boy Scout Badges: Cooking, Personal Fitness

Cooking Class

Curious what Plate & Play has to offer? Book a demo class and find out!  Participants will try 1-2 recipes, learn about a selected nutrition topic and participate in a hands-on activity. Demo generally run 45-60 minutes. 

Elementary School

 Plate & Play would love to partner with your school! We offer during and after school classes and workshops. Students not only are 100% hands on in the kitchen, they also learn nutrition education and the importance of movement through games and activities. Classes are customized to fit educational needs. STEAM based classes are also available. Topics include: Food safety, measuring and math, conduction vs convection, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, the human body, and germs/handwashing. 

Colorful Balloons
Birthday Parties

Wanting a truly unique birthday party for your child? Plate & Play will bring the party to you!  Parties include up to 10 kids and is 2 hours in length. The menu is 100% customized to meet the palate of the birthday chef!  Plate & Play works with client to determine menu. 

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