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About Plate & Play



All classes are led by me, Rosie! I am a registered dietitian and licensed teacher, holding endorsements in elementary education and health and fitness. I have over 20 years professional experience working in healthcare and education, including public health nutrition programs, hospitals, private consulting, and schools. 

For the past three years, I have been a stay at home mom to my twin girls. My kids love helping me in the kitchen, grocery shopping and in the garden. I have noticed the more my kids are involved in their food production, the more likely they are to eat what I serve. Their active involvement in food, combined with lots of fun and games in the kitchen, has helped to reduce the stress that can be involved with feeding a toddler. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, tips, and love of food, nutrition, and movement with you and your family!




  • Bachelors of Arts, Dietetics 2002

  • Masters of Education 2009

  • Registered Dietitian 2002-Present, Certified through Commission on Dietetic Registration

  • Certified and Licensed Elementary Teacher 2009-Present

  • Certified and Licensed Health and Fitness Teacher 2016-Present

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certified

  • State Background Checks

Why start Plate & Play?

 My goal with starting Plate & Play is to make cooking and nutrition fun, social and hands-on, so that kids develop a personal interest in their food and personal health. Here at Plate & Play, it all goes back to the basics...learning about whole foods and how to prepare them in a way that is convenient, healthy, affordable, fun and tasty.


The Importance of Teaching Cooking, Nutrition, and Movement

1/3 of children are overweight or obese. CDC

Only 21% of youth meet Physical Activity Guidelines of 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.        CDC

Empty calories from added sugars & solid fats contribute up to 40% of daily calories for children. CDC

Fewer than 15% of kids ages of 4-8 years old consume the recommended levels of fruit and vegetables.          NCBI

Empty calories from added sugars and solid fats contribute up to 40% of daily calories for children. CDC

50% of Americans hate to cook. Harvard Business Review

The statistics could go on and on. The bottom line...The most effective way to turn kids into healthy kids and eventually healthy adults, is by showing them! Cooking is an essential life skill that many adults have never learned from their parents, and sadly won't be able to share with the next generation. Plate & Play offers a friendly, energetic, and positive environment where students of all ages can learn to cook, try new foods, and learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Cooking is an incredibly valuable life skill that teaches kids not only about food preparation, nutrition and food safety, but also math, science, literacy and fine motor skills.  Teaching kids how to cook wholesome, nutritious food for themselves, rather than depending on restaurants and meal delivery services, shifts the demand towards better food choices. Also, teaching kids the importance of daily physical activity and exposing them to a variety of different modes of movement, sets a precedence for lifelong movement and can help kids develop favorite sports and activities.

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